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Ottoman costume book 1986 Turquie

Ottoman costume book 1986 Turquie


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FENERCI MEHMED.Ottoman costume book: Fenerci Mehmed. Osmanli kiyafetleri: Fenerci Mehmed albümü. Edited by Ilhami Turan.Istanbul: Vehbi Koc Vakfi, 1986. 1st Edition . Hardcover. 4to. (33 x 24 cm). In English and Turkish. 31 p., 96 numerous color plates. Ottoman costume book. Fenerci Mehmed.Osmanli kiyafetleri. Fenerci Mehmed albümü. Edited by Ilhami Turan. A facsimile edition of Osmanli Kiyafetleri by Fenerci Mehmed, the original of which is in the private collection of Rahmi M. Koc. From the 15th Century on, Europeans attempted to become acquainted with the Turks, who were the representatives of a growing and ever more powerful unknown world. The structure, daily life, religion, and clothing of Ottoman society, which were so totally different from their own, were the objects of an inexhaustible curiosity. Over the centuries, it was this curiosity which made it the goal of Europeans who came to Turkey to depict in words or in pictures the impressions which they acquired during the course of their visits. It was also in this way that the costume books which they had prepared by local artists to provide more accurate information were born. This work, which is more of these albums representing various types from among government officials and various sectors of the populace in the Ottoman Empire as well as their clothing whose date an place of production as well as whose artist are known, is being offered to the world of art and science for the first time in the form of this publicationGood condition                  

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